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We empower companies to neutralize various sources of socio-environmental impact.
A few numbers about our planet today:
52bi ton
of annual CO2e emissions
growth in natural resource extraction since 1970
premature deaths from pollution each year

About Atmmos

Atmmos has developed a unique socio-environmental compensation solution to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future. We empower companies to offset various sources of socio-environmental impact in just a few steps, including greenhouse gas emissions, natural resource extraction and waste disposal. We do not believe that the solution for the planet lies in a single asset. More needs to be done. And we must act fast, given the climate emergency.

Our Methodology

We allow companies to measure and offset various forms of negative socio-environmental impact, through different credits that generate equivalent socio-environmental benefits. The entire process is carried out in a simple, reliable, and transparent way, powered by blockchain technology.

Carbon Credits

By buying carbon credits, companies can offset and neutralize their carbon footprint, rewarding projects that avoid emissions or capture greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Through this mechanism, it is possible to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. All carbon credits made available by Atmmos are certified by leading global entities and undergo a rigorous legal and socioenvironmental due diligence process.

Each carbon credit is equivalent to one ton of CO2e that was avoided from being emitted or that was captured from the atmosphere. 

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Our Values


We are extremely diligent in the origination process of each credit offered for socio-environmental compensation by companies, performing a rigorous legal and socio-environmental due diligence of the asset, and making available all the main information and relevant indicators about its origin.


To contain climate change, high impact actions are required in all sectors of the economy. For this reason, we focus on offering scalable and measurable solutions to offset the socio-environmental impact of any kind of business, encouraging the development of a carbon-neutral and circular economy.


We believe in the potential of complementarity of the different socio-environmental assets as a way to encourage the development of a sustainable economy. This requires offsetting the various sources of companies' social and environmental impacts, including carbon emissions, resource extraction, and waste disposal.

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